Prime Editing Design Tool

This website designs pegRNAs and secondary sgRNAs for PE2, PE3 and PE3b prime editors for ClinVar human pathogenic variants .

Quick start guide:

  1. 1) Click on the Prime editing designer tab above.
  2. 2) Enter a gene symbol or ClinVar ID. The tool will design and score pegRNAs and
    PE3/3b sgRNAs for browsing and download.

Sanjana Lab

Sanjana Lab

Thank you for using the Prime Editing Design web-tool.

All source code for our work is available on our Git archive . We also welcome feedback or questions: Email us at

Related resources:

  • Anzalone A.V et al. Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA. Nature (2019).
  • Legut, M. et al. High-Throughput Screens of PAM-Flexible Cas9 Variants for Gene Knockout Cell Reports (2020).

  • For those interested in designing other types of CRISPR reagents for stand-alone use or multiplexed approaches in conjunction with prime editing, please see some of our other online tools:

  • Cas13design

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